What says and what really goes?

Our Honourable Prime Minister visited Chennai to honour handloom workers and weavers, at the University of Madras on the occasion of National Handloom Day.
The point here is: On one hand, the honourable Prime Minister stresses on cutting down the expenditure, asking citizens to give up offered subsidies. But on the other, the tax money is spent on thoughtless travels of our honourable PM. 
Although the honourable PM portrays himself as an economic and political reformer: just for cutting a ribbon, money has been lavishly spent for his travel.
While the honourable PM is marketing and advertising “Digital India”, is he actually implementing it?
A video conferencing could have served the same purpose, indeed helping in saving money and endless inconvenience to the ordinary citizens.  The honourable PM could have carried out the same sitting from his office in New Delhi.
When he himself is unable to adopt his scheme of “Digitizing India”, how can he expect his fellow cabinet ministers, government officers, and members of other opposition parties and ordinary citizens to approve of and implement “Digital India”???


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