What is the government trying to prove by buying the house in London where Dr. Ambedkar stayed while he studied there.

Rupees 40 crore  is being spent to buy the house. The same could be spent to bring about the uplifting of the caste, he fought for. And that is not all. There will surely be maintenance expenses.

We are in deficit in comparison to dollar and now this burden of 40 crore!!! What is the motive?

Ours is a country where farmers are committing suicide and compensation is being given to them in the tune of ?47, ?54........ In the form of checks. What a shame!

The question stands who has given the right to the government to waste the taxpayers money in this way???

If the tax money is supposed to be spent for the development of the country, may we ask, what sort of development is this?

Your vote is important for us. The results of the poll will be submitted to the appropriate authorities and we will try our level best to bring about positive outcomes for all the issues that we collectively believe are a deterrent to our country's advance. 




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