The foreign travels of our leaders!

For several years we have been seeing our political leaders making official foreign trips. In the past year the trips have multiplied. The Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers are frequently traveling.

We are being told, this is to bring in businessmen / corporates from all over the world to invest in businesses in our country, bringing Foreign Direct Investment and promoting India!!  “INDIA” needs to be promoted!? We think country’s name is enough!

India is a country which has used only 10% of its potential for development. 90% scope is awaiting attention.

We at Slo Enews feel that if the government corrects our business policies, transparency and law and order system and our rules and regulations, then we will not need to go around the world trying to woo business; the businessmen from all over the world including NRI's will naturally be attracted to invest in our country. The potential of India is attractive enough but the scams and corruption keeps everybody away.

What about businessmen who are already present here and doing so? If even a small percentage of effort and money, comparatively was spent to encourage them, we would NOT need any outside business. If we ourselves lack faith in our own country, how can we expect the foreigners to trust us? It is the top crust of Indian intelligence which heads all top positions everywhere, except India.

India can become the biggest exporter of all commodities. Because nothing is lacking here except the willpower of our so-called leaders. Please trust and encourage local potential.

The technical world has the power of bringing any part of the world right into your room! Then why travel?

Please improve your business policies, fast track the proceedings and;
Please stop wasting the tax payers money and give us respite.


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