Swept away? Where are Swachh Streets?

As good citizens of our nation, we are expected to make sure that we do not dirty our own country.

After our honourable PM’s rigorous campaign on “Swachh Bharath”, citizens are trying their level best not to pollute the environment.

But, it is definitely not our job to literally clean and sweep the roads, beaches and parks.

It is the responsibility of the government to get them cleaned up. Aren’t the taxes like corporation tax and road tax meant to go into the maintenance of the roads?

The government officials are shying away from duties and we are supposed to be doing their jobs!!  Are they being rewarded with increased salaries for their inefficiency? Attention-seeking politicians are garnering publicity by posing for pictures with broomsticks, a gimmick to win the heart of voters. 

If the corporation and the government officials aren’t doing any work, then, what is the point in paying our taxes? So, should we stop paying corporations tax?

The corporation and its workers should realize their duty  and get down into the streets and clean them!! The governing authority should be strict and ensure that the “Swachh Bharath” is actually implemented!! 


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