Party Politics Vs People's problem

There is always a ruling party and an opposition party. Opposition party’s duty is to question the wrong deeds of the government and hold them accountable.

Unfortunately the scene at the parliament is like a fish market where the ruling party and the opposition blame each other, fight over petty issues that do not need any attention. It is more like a well-planned dramatic fight. One should know that these kind of silly fights hamper the growth of the nation. For these silly fights, crores of tax-payer’s money is being paid for the so called MPs and their luxuries.

The irony here is all political parties, before coming into power, claim to act like they are the best in serving people but in reality, fail to join hands and come up with solutions to various issues. They promise that they will attend to the problems of each and every citizen. How? For they are not even capable of managing a group of about 500 or so parliamentarians.

To put an end to this, the President of the nation should find a solution since our honourable Prime minister is also involved in this.

The best example for efficient functioning could be seen in the incident that united Scotland and England into a single nation where a simple vote of yes or no decided the Union within a short span of time.

Such administration and efficiency could be achieved in India also, only if the political parties are willing to work together for the welfare of the public.


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