Drowning in money when there is real water

For the past few days, news channel and newspapers have been constantly highlighting the shortage of rainfall in Maharashtra and have already declared poor rainfall as the main reason for fall in sugar output.

The Tamil Nadu government is also proclaiming that there being less rainfall in Tamilnadu is the reason for low water levels; when just a few days ago, news on adequate rainfall was reported.
Is the Government gearing up to manage this situation of  "created" water crisis by spending thousands of crores?

The reality is that all the states in the nation have been actually experiencing unseasonal extra rains over the past few years.

In the past, the monsoons in different states were confined to specific months. The scenario has changed where we see rainfall nearly round the year. 

Luckily, in the current scenario, this year, all the states, especially Tamilnadu and Maharashtra are seeing above normal and heavy rains. In fact, floods in Maharastra were reported a couple of days ago!! 

In spite of heavy rains, how can the government possibly see a fall in water level? Shouldn't there actually be an increase in the water level? And how can poor rainfall be the reason for fall in sugar output? 

Is the nation really under a water crisis or is the government playing another gimmick? To misuse the tax payer's money?? 
The government will introduce schemes for free water distribution; selling water at subsidized rates! Government will give money in the name of grants/subsidies to sugarcane industries, several thousand crores, to pay the farmers! So in turn the government will win the hearts of voting citizens?? 

The government has already put the cart before the horse. Isn't it high time we called their bluff! 


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