Dear PM, don't talk but work!

Before coming into power our Honourable PM, Shri. Narendra Modi, had promised to the 125 crore citizens of the country that he will bring back all the black money in 100 days, which rightfully is ours and will add to the account of every single citizen, an amount of rupees 15 Lakh. When questioned after "100 days", his party president said that the whole statement was just a political phrase ("Chunavi Jumla"). Now to come to the point, I want to give the example of Saudi Arabia. It is a tax-free country, when it has only a single natural resource, Oil to bank upon. It's currency value is above ?200. As soon as America felt the pinch, it started producing in- house fuel and the world rate of oil came down. And here India is a treasure house of all natural resources, be it oil, gas, coal, iron- ore, gold or Uranium. Even the soil of India can yield gold!! If our government was to take proper care of our resources and use them correctly, we would not need to depend on imports. And our foreign currency reserves will increase and Indian rupee will become the strongest currency in the world!! We would also not need to pay taxes. And an amount way above ?15 Lakh can be credited to the account of every Indian citizen!


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