Are you a student... then don't dream big?

Reservation systems, quota limitations and non-availability of seats in colleges are curbing the aspirations of young generation like never before. The problem starts once they pass 10th standard and it gets bigger when they search for college seats.

Today most parents want to provide the best education to their children, but are forced to bury their aspirations.  

Students are unable to get seats in the subjects they want to pursue and are brilliant in. This happens as a high percentage of seats are reserved under quota systems and then seats are also sold to the highest bidders. As a result even high scorers find their  subject beyond their reach. 

 Yes, indeed. In spite of having a record number of colleges, students do not get the subject of their choice in which they can excel and become valuable assets to our country. 

Right from the beginning politicians are playing a role to create vote banks instead of educated citizens. As a result, students lose the chance to rise and shine in the fields which they can become adept at. 

Surprisingly, governments have come and gone but little has changed within the education system in India over a period of time. On one hand governments claim that all Indians are one and on the other, they themselves create discrepancies in the name of caste and creed. In schools and colleges merit should only count. There should be one rule, one law for all students irrespective of caste or creed. Financial aid should be available to all needing students, without discrimination. 

Our questions are simple –

·         What are the steps taken by the government to make education more available? 

·         What is the government doing to make education more affordable? 

·         When will the creative, research-oriented and young minds be rewarded? 

·         When will the government realize that we need efficient people to teach? 

·         How to effectively sort out this demand-supply problem in higher education?


           Kindly participate our poll and register your thoughts immediately.


Your vote is important for us. The results of the poll will be submitted to the appropriate authorities and we will try our level best to bring about positive outcomes for all the issues that we collectively believe are a deterrent to our country's advance. 





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