Why rely on foreign investments when we have it all?

Seems like the honourable PM is only concerned about marketing overseas as a result of which Indian businessmen are totally disrespected and ignored. Before Independence, the British invaded India and now our honourable PM wants India to be invaded by the world in the name of foreign investment. 
Most of the CEOs of the Silicon Valley are Indians. This shows the intelligence of Indians. So, here arises a question; where is the need or room for foreign investors? Why don’t we create an atmosphere in our land for development and expansion? Why do we need overseas businessmen?
In fact, even the US has evolved as a super-power as it is a self-made nation. India has more potential than any country in the world in all the sectors, with necessary resources to equip themselves and evolve as a super power. It is high time that the PM realises this fact and relies on our India itself instead of trying to grab helping hands from Silicon Valley and other nations travelled by him.
Our Indian companies that shine in the global market, do not see potential in India and so have shifted their headquarters to US or Singapore. While Gurgeon Grofers and Flipkart moved to Singapore, Fresh-desk and Druva chose the US. Instead of setting a business-friendly environment for Indian businessmen, our PM seems to be busy marketing the nation on the foreign soil. 
Our honourable PM should focus on stopping the companies from shifting the base from here instead of inviting newcomers.


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