Why is the Indian rupee depreciating?

The value of Indian rupee is always low against the dollar.  The reason behind the depreciation of Indian rupee has always been a topic of discussion among economists and politicians. 
At the time of independence, the rupee was stronger than the dollar. Gradually, the politicians, for the sake of personal gains, compromised the country's welfare and made the country believe that it could never be self- sufficient and encouraged foreign imports.  

Date Value of $ Forex reserve Current account deficit Net Reserve
Mar 2013 Rs. 52.75 $290 billion $21.8 billion 268
Today Rs.66.21 $380 billion $1.28 378

RBI Governor, back in 2013 promised that Indian rupee would be strengthened once the nation touches good numbers in forex reserves.
So, where is the situation of strengthening the currency? When is the honourable RBI Governor planning to do so?
Back in 2013, when the forex reserves were $290 billion, the net reserve was approximately 268.
According to the statement given by RBI Governor, the forex reserves amount to $380 billion and the net reserve is 378 with current account deficit almost nil.  The change in net reserve value changed from 268 in 2013 to 378 in 2015 and this change in number is as huge as above 50%.
Moreover, oil pool import deficit has also come down by, around 65% from 120$/barrel to a mere 40$/barrel. The imports of all other commodities have come down by more than 50%. As per the respected RBI Governor’s statements, investments are also flourishing.
But, statements and the actual scenarios do not seem to go hand in hand. When will we see Indian rupee as the strongest currency in the world? We are forced to interpret that the Indian rupee has still to see the worst in future. 
If the RBI and the government hold real intentions of strengthening the rupee, then it is high time to act towards it. RBI and the government blame each other for high inflation and state inflation as the reason for high-interest rates.  It all sounds like a “created” situation. In that case, how can inflation come down? And, how should one interpret the speech of the respected RBI Governor recently in Mumbai??
Back in 2013, the same RBI Governor, and the finance ministry hit the panic button and predicted a kind of crisis that Greece is facing today and as a result of which, they devalued the rupee further. In August 2013, they devalued the rupee to as high as ?68.70/$ from ?52.75. So, in a span of nearly 5 months, the RBI decided to devalue the rupee by more than 25%.
So, may we ask what kind of a decision was made in 2013? By devaluing our own rupee, the imports have become costlier. When imports get costlier, how can we compete with the international market and thus how can the inflation come down?
So, what really goes wrong? Is it the policy or the impractical planning? Is India continuously working towards a higher inflation just to please other countries, as this helps them keep their inflation low? 
On the contrary, US government prints around 1 trillion US dollars in a year. Logically, printing more currency should have depreciated the value of the dollar ($) eventually leading to inflation. But, the policies of the US government ensured that there was no room for inflation. Will the RBI and the Indian government also act wisely like the US and take inflation seriously? 
Is the RBI serious about the situation? Is there any sign of RBI's committee, RBI Governor, Finance minister really "working" on improving the value of rupee against the dollar? 
When there is a crisis in Greece, China, or any XYZ country, Indian economists hit the panic button, making us believe that the nation is shaky and immediately devalues the rupee. Surprisingly, as a result, Indian rupee values even lower than the country in crisis. 
Is our economy really so weak or are our RBI officials, our finance ministers very weak in their thoughts? Will the nation see efficient economists to bring about a serious reformation??
We at SLO My India E-news believe that with correct policies, we can make our rupee of greater value than the strongest currency of the world!!


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