Salaries of the government staff!

Increments in salaries of all central government staff, as per the 7th pay commission report, is likely to be announced. After the central government, the state government will do the same. At the least, this will put a burden of nearly 2-3 Lakh crores on the country.

In view of this, we would like to make a point.
The government employees benefits when compared to private sector, is very high. If any mistake is made by any company employee in private sector, he is held responsible for it and even removed if he causes loss to the company. But the government employees are rewarded with salary increase and promotions on making losses.

It is our humble suggestion, to seat them at home and give them their benefits while getting the real work done by capable workforce!! At least then we will be saved from the massive losses being made by them. As we've pointed out earlier, that at least 30% of our country revenue is being spent on these loss making government companies.

Government is providing for them while they are under employment and it is also providing for them beyond their work years in form of pensions. It is a real wonder that when they are so well taken care of why don't they change their work ethics and give full attention and more to their work.......!!


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