Digital Dhamakka in India?

The PM is constantly insisting on digitizing India and the recent meeting between our honourable PM and the CEOs of Silicon Valley treated Facebook users to colourful pictures showing immense support towards this concept of “digital India”.
The CEOs of Silicon Valley are now marching towards India allegedly in the aim of enhancing digitisation of the nation but are secretly working towards the progress of their own firm. The one reason why “India” has been chosen for expanding in terms of the internet is because of the scope of development that the nation has. It is a large market to be exploited. Unlike the forward nations like UK, US, Japan, etc where the scope for development is saturated, India stands like an infant awaiting development.
Our PM almost does the job of a marketing manager for corporate firms of Silicon Valley, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google.
Indians do not need a Digital India, but the CEOs of Silicon Valley want India to explore this new market. Only a thin line of between need, want and greed exists.
Just as addressed by SLO My India E-news in previous content, our PM should concentrate on making India before stressing on “Make in India”. Once the nation is made competent, automatically the world will knock the doors of India because the name, “India” is enough for the world to give it recognition.
As a PM, he must know that digital India will be of no use without emphasis on Industries and employment. With a mere internet connection, can a citizen grow overnight?


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