An appeal to the Prime Minister

There has been a brain drain ever since from India as there has been lack of infrastructure for research and development. In the present scenario, the government is giving utmost importance to foreign investors. Our PM is degrading the business community of India, which actually holds the highest potential, as a result demoralizing it.

As there is no scope of any hearing in India, all the large corporate houses of India have already set up their bases in lands of better opportunity, abroad. Even the smaller corporates have started sending members to set up base somewhere abroad.

While our honorable PM is busy marketing India to foreigners, the Indian businessman is moving away outwards. This should stand as a warning that by the time they come to invest, there may be no business left here to invest in.

Our appeal is that, India is a land of high potential. If our PM would give even 25% of attention as compared to foreign investors, to the Indian businessmen by helping them and clearing obstacles in their path; we would not have to go pleading to outsiders to "make in India". Instead investors from all over the world would be queuing up to "make India with us".

This is a wake up call from SLO Enews on behalf of the citizens of India to our government.


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