Air India Maharajah demands high maintenance!!

Air India is undoubtedly another white elephant with the Maharajah gobbling up thousands of crores of rupees. 30% of the tax payer’s money is lost due to loss-making government enterprises and AIR India consistently tops the list! 
Nearly 10 years ago, a committee was formed to make an action plan that will enable profits. Unfortunately, the committee failed to meet its objectives for the obvious reason that it consisted of a majority of government officials, who were experts in making losses. Well, again hundreds of crores were spent on this committee and committee members adding up to the immeasurable losses made by Air India.
Although crude oil prices have fallen down by more than 60% globally, leading to profits in some of the other airlines, the Maharajah continues to make more losses.
So, why is the government silently watching the Maharajah making losses? We are forced to ask, is it because the taxpayer is bearing the burden? Is Air India actually benefiting the government officers at the cost of exploiting the economy of the nation? 
How can we allow the taxpayer’s money to be thrown into a consistently mismanaged government firm?
To add fuel to the fire, the government consistently infuses crores of money to Air India every year just to make Maharajah crippled. How could the Maharajah possibly come out of the dark?
We also read in the newspapers that the pilots are being worried about the safety of the Aircraft and now the airline is to offer Rs. 10,000 to the cabin crew operating “timely” Haj flights. This is an incentive given for motivating its members to report to the airport on time.
Air India is allegedly reported to be lacking cabin crew members and in turn leading to flight delays. So, the airline has decided to hire 800 members to cabin crew.
Firstly, why is the government giving away “cash prize” to cabin crew members? Are the crew members not paid salaries? Introducing these incentives to cabin crew like rewarding them for simply abiding by their duties, isn’t? 
So, is it right to call this, “pathetic administration”? How could a sensible government take just erratic decisions like this? 
The irony here is in spite of endless losses, the credit rating agencies give the best ratings to Air India Maharajah so that in spite of worse financial administration, Air India only gets more money.  So, if they get more money, why would they work towards profit? So, is it right to say that credit rating agencies hold a share of Air India’s losses and are also a part of the scam/game? Are the credit rating agencies bowing back to the Maharajah just because they are backed by the government? So, on what basis does the credit rating agencies give out these ratings?  Do they hold some kind of ethics? 
Will the AIR India Maharajah ever think about the tax burden on the public? Will this expensive Maharajah ever learn to take off and land in profit? 


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