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About SLO My India E news!.

Our country is a democratic nation with a collective mindset and yet fails at determined decision making.
My India believes that we are at a juncture that requires rigid resolutions to economically empower the country.
We uphold respectability and steer away from blame games which are the normal course of any budding political party in the country.
My India is a socio-economic reforms organization based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
It aims to undertake several reform activities through awareness by analyzing current scenarios against potential for growth, regulatory loop holes and first hand experiences of bureaucracy.
My India is founded by Shri Anil Kumar Ojha, Industrialist and CMD of SLO Industries Ltd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
The views expressed in our website and our associated channels are purely our own and is not aimed at maligning or demeaning any human being or entity
Pick up the phone and call us now: +91- 44 - 43063601
Chat with us or email us at : info@slo-myindia.com

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