There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel

There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel called "Electricity".

All Indian State Electricity Boards have been consistently moving on the path of loss making of revenue. 

Private firms produce power at production cost, including depreciation and interest, amounting to a rate of ?2 to ?4 per unit. But, the government charges between ?7 to ?20 per unit from the general public and the rates keep increasing. The average cost charged by the government is as high as ?10 approximately. 

Although as citizens of the nation, we bear these high charges, the Board continues to show a loss of roughly ?700 to ?1000 crore at the national level every day. Yes! At the most, 1000 crore a day that is the amalgam of tax money of countless Indian citizens. 

Can the government be truly unaware of this fact?

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, which is no exception, contributes to the losses with, roughly 7% to 10% which adds to approximately ?70 to ?100 crores a day. 

The state-run electricity boards are headed by IAS officials. Are we to believe that they are that incompetent? That they can only go on making losses??

Are the officials in the Electricity Board even thinking about revising the system? Can a taxpayer expect a cut down in the rates, ever?  When will the Board learn to make profits? 

There is a constant hike in electricity charges on one hand and The Electricity boards contributing to national loss on the other hand. More hike in charges leading to more losses??? 

Is the government seriously giving a thought to this problem? 

What does this tell us about the kind of administration and planning?


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