The circus called judiciary

The Indian judicial system has become quite a joke today. When threatened with   "Going to court", the law breakers smirk, as if saying, ' go all the way; nothing will come out of it'!!  No one respects the judicial system. The fact stands that no one is scared as they're so sure of finding a loophole and getting away.

There are above five levels  of courts from local courts to the highest courts of the country. In case a defendant loses in all the courts, he can still be given a clean chit in the highest court. On the other hand, one may be declared innocent by lower courts and still be held guilty at the last stage. Then what is the credibility of the lower courts??

Who is there to judge the judgement of the judge? If decisions can take such somersaults, does it mean that the lower courts are not qualified enough; and which government body or organization will hold them responsible for wrong judgements. After all, the judges are human, and if not corrected they will continue functioning erroneously and wrong decisions will further stand as examples for further errors in similar cases.Till the judges are not held up for their wrong decisions this will keep happening and we can wait forever for justice!!

How much ever clear- cut a case maybe, the judges are not quick to give judgement but are quick at giving further dates. The case continues for years and they give the accused ample time to find loopholes and get away.

The country which holds  even the Prime minister as accountable, how can it give such freedom to a judge who is a human and not God!

This whole drama is held at the cost of the honest taxpayers money. Should we or should we not demand to put a stop to this whole system which is eating into our time, effort and money?

When will the time come when the citizen will learn to be scared of law taking it's course and punishing the law breakers, thus refraining from committing crimes.

So please vote for or against the demand for an accountability of the judiciary.

Your vote is important for us. The results of the poll will be submitted to the appropriate authorities and we will try our level best to bring about positive outcomes for all the issues that we collectively believe are a deterrent to our country's advance. 


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