Quota systems and it's nuances!

The schedule caste and classes have been much discriminated against over the years in our country. They were treated as untouchables till great leaders tried to educate the masses about equality of humanity. Mahatma Gandhi taught the country that the ones who were considered the lower classes were Harijans i.e. People of God.

So we must make up for our excesses...........let’s reserve seats for them! Everywhere! Schools, homes, work places, jobs.........  What about merit? How dare you? Their Caste is merit enough!!

Placing people in high posts in the government bodies which are supposed to guide the course of the country's future without concern for merit is perilous to its health.

But who seems to care? Certificates are produced in shops. One need not go through the tedious process of education. And never worry; for the government has no time to verify their credibility.

We at Slo Enews suggest that please let us choose our leaders, officials, law makers, servicemen according to their merits. Let us not compromise the future of our country.

The quota system is a grim reminder of the DIVIDE and RULE policy of the British Raj with a ‘modern’ twist. The system only cultivates the differences between castes in the guise of quota. Modern India is full of discriminatory policies pertaining to caste and renders the common man voiceless. 

Let us treat our poorer kith and kin kindly by providing them with better educational, financial, medical and health facilities. Let caste not be the deciding factor.... Let merit be.


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