The Wheat Cheat!!!

We read in the papers that in the past few years, 50,000 crores worth wheat rotted and had to be thrown away. On the other hand, the news says that India has imported wheat worth 1000s of crores from Australia and other countries around the world, for consumption of local flour mills.

We at Slo My India E-News are forced to think, how come no one is ever held accountable for this loss? Governing officers for storage and distribution of wheat are appointed, but they are never held accountable for this wastage.

Why does the government store  the grain till it spoils and has to be thrown away? This wheat is grown by our hardworking farmers who are not even getting back their due!! There are millions of children on Indian streets dying of malnutrition!!
If we are so serious about "Making in India", then how come we are careless about that which is already "Made in India"? We at Slo My India E-News feel that we should first and foremost ban the import of grains and food items. It is only then that we Indians will Grow in India and Eat in India!! 
It is a fact that about 20 million tons of wheat is wasted every year in India. Can we even afford such wastage and carelessness? India’s economic situation is supposedly weak and yet the wastage never ends. It is the hard earned tax payer’s money that pays for it.

My India E-News suggests that the government develop an effective and adequate distribution system, where the old stock recycled towards distribution and new stock, is stacked for emergency dispersion.

The government should take steps to enhance forecasting, analysis, warehousing and preservation techniques to avoid such unforeseen wastage. India has several million still wallowing in poverty and in need for food. Knowing this, the government should supervise the distribution of foods with shorter shelf lives to the needy at the right time.

Instead of focussing on how to increase revenue via increasing taxes, it's time that the government focussed on reducing inflation by reducing gross wastage and lowering the tax burden on the citizens of the country.

We should hold the FCI authorities responsible for the humongous wastage of wheat. 


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